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Ralph Cotran’s father was an United Nations diplomat. His mother was Italian-Greek. Ralph went to private schools worldwide in his formative years.  He went from the American Community High School in Beirut to receiving a degree in Economics (BA) from Albright College. Ralph then went on to Syracuse University for a Masters in Business Administration, which explains his scholarly and worldly perspectives.

Ralph Cotran leads both marketing and sales at US Optical. Here Ralph has created successful marketing promotions which have aided US Optical’s rapid and impressive growth.

His brothers, Ron and Robert Cotran have their own set of unique skills, which have helped US Optical become incredibly successful. There are seven prominent reasons for US Optical’s success according to Ralph. US Optical is a twenty four hour service, they produce proprietary and branded digital RX lenses, offer competitive pricing, new technologies, customer service that is very easy to work with and knowledgeable as well. Also, US Optical’s owners and employes care greatly about their customers and their job at hand.

Ralph Cotran speaks four languages which is a result of his strong work ethic , great education, and world travels.

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Here is an updated version of the US Optical Lab Tour Video – 2014: