7 Reasons EyeCare Professionals Love US Optical

Ralph Cotran's Seven Reasons Why EyeCare Professionals Love US Optical

Ralph Cotran discusses the “7 Incredible Reasons Eyecare Professionals love US Optical.

Ralph Cotran created “7 Incredible reasons” that explain why Eyecare professionals love US Optical’s lab and its lenses. These 7 reasons were picked by Ralph Cotran after numerous discussions with clients, employees, suppliers and his own observations and focus. The “7 Incredible reasons Eyecare Professionals love US Optical” is the framework for US Optical’s marketing and sales efforts and has catapulted US Optical, Ralph Cotran and the Cotran brothers to owning the third largest Independent lab in the USA and possibly the best Eyeglass Lens manufacturer in the America.

Ralph Cotran spells out the 7 incredible reasons in the following way:

It starts with US Optical’s Unique Selling proposition (USP).  This USP is consistent and is executed daily.

1. 24 HR Turnaround of Uncut lenses with Zeiss AR (It may take 1 day more with Crizal or Digital AR). This service turnaround proposition is unheard of in the optical business and it was created by the Cotran brothers. In addition, the USP provides for a 3-5 day turnaround on complete edged jobs (jobs that come with frames or need to be edged to a certain frame size). This amazing turnaround on complete jobs is unique in the wholesale lab business as well. Each aspect of US Optical’s operation, including its  employees, is an integral part of the success of this USP and US Optical’s performance. A proprietary system of checks and balances is used to achieve consistent execution.

2. Ralph, Ron and Robert Cotran own an Independent lab-a family owned lab. The Cotran brothers have a vested interest in their lab and customers and are involved in every aspect of the operation. Because of their independence they are able to distribute lenses from all the lens manufacturers. Ralph Cotran says “We want to be like Macy’s and have choices for everyone…….. by caring everyone’s products ………”

3. US Optical and its customer service department is easy to work with. Very importantly, the US Optical customer service representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. They are a great source of information to US Optical’s Eyecare professional customers, particularly for high definition lenses and Glare free coatings.

4. Ralph Cotran knows that US optical’s MEI Biosphera edgers, for cutting lenses, are the most advanced, fastest, and accurate in the world. Customers are amazed at the speed and accuracy of US Optical’s jobs. Ralph Cotran receives countless compliments from US Optical’s customers.

5. Ralph Cotran explains that US Optical’s prices are Net, Competitive and Fair. When accounting for the 7 Incredible benefits , including US Optical’s 24Hour service, US Optical’s prices are equivalent to a 50% value discount over any other lab!

6. Ralph Cotran and US Optical are pioneers and specialize in new technologies such as Free form lenses, PhotoFusion® by Zeiss, Transitions New Vantage® polarized lenses, Transitions 7, and Carrera’s Xcede Sun RX. US Optical was recently chosen by Essilor of America to be a pilot lab for the new OPTIFOG Crizal process featuring a new lens cloth activator.  US Optical customers will always know and have access to the finest and latest optical technologies giving them an edge over the competition.

7. Ralph Cotran states that US optical is the largest supermarket of brand Free form High Definition lenses. US Optical is able to offer customers endless lens choices such as the Zeiss Individual II, Shamir Autograph III, Seiko Surmount, Hoya ID, Kodak Unique and Essilor Definity II. US Optical recently launched a value line of proprietary Free form HD lenses, such as the Ultimate HD™, Advanced HD  and the Wrap HD™.  Customers are thrilled with US Optical’s endless choices and price points. In addition to Zeiss anti glare coatings, US Optical produces Crizal as well as their Trademarked anti glare coating DIGITAL AR.

Finally, Ralph Cotran says they produce everything in their facility in America. There is no outsourcing. US Optical is American company and their RX lenses are produced in America.